Newquay Harbour Seals
Dolphins chasing a speed boat in Newquay Bay. HERE
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Dolphins chasing the speedboat, Newquay Harbour
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Newquay harbour Seals
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New Harbour restaurant
New Harbour Restaurant
It doesn't get more relaxed
than at the New Harbour Restaurant...
Unwind and enjoy the finest fresh seafood in Newquay. The evening specials very much depend on what the fishermen land that day!

Stephen Westcott (known as the seal man) studies Grey Seals and has produced a book about them... More

Killer Whales in Cornwall?
Check out the annual marine sightings
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Grey Seal facts >>>


Ye Old Dolphin
Ye Olde Dolphin
Over ninety five percent of the fish and shellfish cooked at the restaurant, comes from Newquay boats. >>>

Cornish Wildlife Marine Conduct Code here >>>

Newquay Diving >>>

Atlantic Diver

The boat in the video is the Atlantic Diver working from Newquay Harbour

Newquay Harbour Seals... Wild Grey seals from Cornwall spend the day basking in the sun in the calm green waters around Newquay harbour. You can often see them in groups on the rocks around Towan headland.

From the harbour you can take a one hour pleasure trip across the bay, to see Newquay like you've never seen before - from the ocean. You have the option to unwind a Mackerel line hooked on the boat and pull a few in for the barbie - if you haven't tasted fresh caught Cornish Mackerel ... Do it soon.

If you are lucky... You'll see the dolphins in the Bay!

The 2015 Newquay Fish Festival is: 11th-13th September

Newquay Sea Safaris & Fishing Explore the North Cornwall Coast and see Newquay like you've never seen it - from the sea..

Cruise the Hidden coves and secret beaches and meet the wildlife up close and in their natural environment.

Seal spotting, Dolphin and Shark tracking, Coastal trekking, Educational events and trips, School trips and students >>>

Deep sea Fishing trips, Conger trips, Private charter, Wreck and reef, Conger fishing >>>

 Dolphins in Newquay Bay Cornwall

Groups of Dolphins are regular visitors to Newquay Bay.In this picture you can see how close they come in. The boat is the Tamerisk, which offers pleasure trips and Mackerel fishing for an hour. All boat trips, including the deep sea shark & Wreak fishing, can be booked at the harbour and from a few local shops in the harbour area or you can ring. Newquay fishing trips offer shark, wreck and reef fishing.

Dolphin Photos here - Dolphin video here

Newquay Harbour early morning July

The Cornish Pilot Gig is a traditional clinker built boat, 32ft long with a 4ft 10in beam, made of Cornish narrow leaf elm. They were originally used to take Pilots out to vessels coming off the Atlantic, first crew there got the job. Today the Gig is raced for "Pleasure" with Clubs established all around the coast of Cornwall. Newquay's rowing >>>

Cornish Pilot Gig photos here

Newquay Harbour early morning July

Newquay Harbour at the centre of "Old Town Newquay"

Newquay looks back on 1600 years of history and a dramatic change of identity from fortified cliff settlement, through tiny port to premier resort. Iron Age Man smelted ore here for weapons and tools, Industrial Age Man made it his conduit for the trade in tin>>>

Newquay Harbour photos here

Newquay Harbour Fish Festival
Newquay Harbour Fish Festival - see all the photos from the harbour. Chefs from Newquay's best hotels inc the Headland. The top curry chef from the Maharajah Indian in Newquay showed there's more to seafood than you think. Fish filleting, locally caught fish, sand castles, shark throwing, demonstrations from Blue Reef Aquarium and much much more...

2012 Newquay Fish Festival 14th 15th 16th September

Making willow lobster pots

Lobster Pot making

In modern commercial fishing, the traditional, natural materials have mostly been replaced by plastic, but in Cornwall a few traditional craftsmen still preserve the old skills by continuing to make traditional lobster pots

Photos here
More info here

Newquay Harbour Sports Day

Newquay Harbour Sports Day

A traditional sports day takes places in Newquay Harbour each summer, children of all ages take part in a variety of aqua activity, and the Harbour Seals seem to enjoy it too.

Photos here

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Dolphins in Newquay Cornwall FTI

Huers Hut Newquay Cornwall

Photographic walk around Old Town Newquay

Info on the Huers Hut


Harbour Hotel Newquay Cornwall

The Harbour Hotel
Nestling in the cliffs just above Newquay harbour providing magnificent views across the Harbour and Bay.

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Truscotts Newquay Fish & Chip Take Away &Restaurant
TRUSCOTTS.. Newquay's finest FISH & CHIPS >>